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SILVERCLAY is a new wonderful material for making jewelry. With help of this material it is easy to design and make your unique jewelry in pure silver in a simple way!

It looks and behaves as clay, but it is made of pure silver powder added natural binders and water. It can be rolled, shaped, cut and stamped or combined with other materials.

After having been dried end then fired (fused) at around 800o C the binders is burned out and the end result is a unique jewelry in 99,9% silver!

The first step to your jewel is to make a design, either your own or get inspired from our models.

Just as with ordinary clay you then create your idea by using your fingers and varius tools.

When you are satisfied with your basic model, it is time to dry it.

After drying it looks like plaster. Now it is time for decoration. Yo can file, carve or add more silver clay and fix errores. When you are satisfied, it is time to fire the piece.

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The firing take place either over a gas burner, or better, in a kiln, at around 800 C in about 20 min. and then the piece is dipped in cold water. When firing, the binder is burned away and left a jewelry in 99,9% pure silver.

Now it is time for the end finish. First the piece is brushed with a steel- or brass brush to matte finish. Then it is time to use the files and various grades of sandpaper to get a high gloss. And if you want the mirror gloss you get it with help of polish and polishing cloth .

The results is a unique jewelry of pure silver, which you can proudly wear !


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 certified senior instructor artclay silver

 certified senior instructor artclay silver