Individually designed jewelery in silver and glass

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Flame work


lamp work

belong to the oldest craft art that still exists. Like glass fusing it was almost forgotten art that was rediscovered in the 1970´s and now make it´s victory over the world.

The word lamp-work comes from the past when glass was melted over the open flame from a oil lamp.

Today we are using specially designed gas torches. By melting a glass rod to a honey-like texture and then wrap the mass around a prepared metal rod that constantly swirled we create a basic  bead which then in the infinite can be decorated or shaped

Each created bead is unique which is a part of the fascination.

We use mainly Moretti glass (Efetre) from Italy. It is the most classic glass factory in the world with centuries-old tradition which stand for the highest quality. We also use glass from other manufacturers such as CIM , LAUSCHA and


glaspärlor gjorda med lampworking teknik
glaspärla i morettiglas
häng-smycke lampworking och silvertråd
lampworking med gasbrännare
glaspärla under tillverkning