Individually designed jewelery in silver and glass

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means to melt material together and that is what we are doing.

By put different glass-pieces together in patterns on top of each other and then

melt them together in a controlled manner in aspecial oven, we can create the most fantastic forms and effects.


Over 2000 yaers old archaeological findings from ancient Rome and Egypt shows that already then they had a great skill in glass fusing and lampwork. The glass artisans was high in rank and the the methods was very secret. The method was almost forgotten but in the mid-1900's there was some enthusiasts rediscover the technology again and gave it a new breakthrough.

We are using the method to produce unique jewelry in glass or in combination silver or bronze.

The 4 most common glass types to use are: TRANSPARENT or clear , OPAQUE,

 IRIDESED witch gives the surface a rainbow appearance, and the latest innovation, DICHROIC GLASS that has a layer of metal oxides, witch gives stunning colour changes.

smycken färdiga för att fusas
ugn för glasfusing och silverlera